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Robert Wyald at House of Yes
Robert Wyald at House of Yes · photo by Katie McClung

The Founder

Robert Wyald—producer, director, actor, artist, writer, guide and multicellular organism symbiotic with plants and microorganisms—has coached, directed, and performed in improvisational theater since the turn of the century beginning with BATS Improv and Leela, and considers the values and skills of improvisation an amazing foundation for all things creative: let’s raise a glass to collaboration, cooperation, presence, humor, and the uninhibited unconscious! Many moons ago, Wyald earned a degree in Ecological Design from Stanford University and a masters from SFIA providing breakthrough exposure to methods for the imaginative process and a deeper relationship to the Earth. He went on to co-create, produce and act in his own shows called Poetry Nap, La décadanse, and Knights of Revery. Now, as a graduate of Hakomi and other altered states training, he believes that we can explore our consciousness in playful and meaningful ways through improvisation and ritual theater in a context of compassion & mindful somatic awareness. A whole lotta gratitude goes out to his friends, family, teachers, all relations, and the grace of good luck. He’s not sure if talking in the third person is royal, strange, or impersonal, so as a shift… I look forward to meeting you. So excited to explore together on our creative journey. Don’t forget, this is always going on.

The Membership

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