Lady & Lord Dosis · Photo by Alexander Warnow
Napping · Photo by Christian Schneider
Lady & Lord Dosis and Passengers filling the Dandy Duchess · Photo by Christian Schneider
Lady & Lord Dosis · Photo by Alexander Warnow


Performance Art, Audio Theatre



September 13, 2017 – Present



Rudramandir, Berkeley, California
Espai Poetic, Barcelona, Spain
Fabrika Hostel, Tbilisi, Georgia
Torn Page, NY, NY


Take your shoes off, lie down, relax, and float away to poetry and music of the masters woven into extraordinary, immersive, and witty tales with Lady & Lord Dosis.

Don’t be shy. Please do climb aboard the Dandy Duchess, our magnificent, magnanimous, magical flying bed in the sky. You won’t be alone as you recline and cuddle with some of our most treasured poets from times past, present, and future such as Pablo Neruda, Maya Angelou, Walt Whitman, Michael McClure, Mary Oliver, e e cummings, Xanaraxianblythe, Gertrude Stein, and Gary Snyder to name but a few.

You do the resting. We do the rest.

Ethereally, surreally, and really yours,

Lady & Lord Dosis


Robert Wyald, Co-Founder, Director, Producer, Actor
Jodie Marissa Kleeman, Co-Founder, Actor
Katie Lister, Costumery


“But the Poetry Nap… is decidedly for everyone… A brilliant confection that is one part guided daydream, one part radio play, & all parts clever whimsy.”
-The East Bay Monthly

“I loved every minute of poetry nap! It was sultry. stimulating, and utterly somniferous! Truly gorgeously conceived and executed, an exquisite pleasure from beginning to end!”
-Rachael Knight

Dreamy hypnagogic word flow in the hot air balloon of nobility. My childhood, my love for lifeand my desire for deep rest all thank you.”
-Hank Obermayer

“A nap unlike all other naps. One of those very rare opportunities to do absolutely nothing but lie about, relax, fall asleep, while having your imagination tickled. I love it every time.” – Jack Kerouac

“What a fun excuse to get to sleep with new people and creatures.” – Sappho

“I recommend generous doses of Lady & Lord Dosis.” – Walt Whitman

“A splendid adventure into the Realm of Dreams.” -Sir Pomp

“I agree.” – Sir Psycho

all by all and deep by deep
and more by more they dream their sleep
noone and anyone earth by april
wish by spirit and if by yes

Women and men (both dong and ding)
summer autumn winter spring
reaped their sowing and went their came
sun moon stars rain

– e e cummings

Let’s Voyage into the New American House

There are doors
That want to be free
From their hinges to
Fly with perfect clouds.

There are windows
That want to be
Released from their
Frames to run with
The deer through
Back country meadows.

There are walls
That want to prowl
With the mountains
Through the early
Morning dusk.

There are floors that want to digest
Their furniture into
Flowers and trees.

There are roofs
That want to travel
Gracefully with
The stars through
Circles of darkness.

– Richard Brautigan