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Dancing is a part of the Life Series: A Journey from BeforeBirth to the AfterLife. · Photo by Darren Miller
Guided meditations and drum-induced journeys are integral parts of the klasses. · Photo by Darren Miller
A participant acting out a scene from his life. · Photo by Darren Miller
Improvising with sound and musical instruments is an integral part of our explorations. · Photo by Darren Miller
Doktor Robert (Robert Wyald) guides the klass. He designed a different t-shirt for every stage of the 12 weeks of the Life Series. This one is “The Essence of Adolescence”. · Photo by Darren Miller
We explore mask work. · Photo by Darren Miller
Klass bonds go deep as we delve into the realms of life and play. · Photo by Darren Miller
Photo by Darren Miller


Participatory Performance Art, Theatre, Healing Practice



January 1, 2014 – Renamed and re-envisioned
as current WYALD Ritual Theatre classes



Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts, Oakland
The Flight Deck, Oakland
OSHO Studio, Berlin
Marin Campground


In Shamanik Improv Klasses, renamed and re-imagined as WYALD Ritual Theatre classes in 2019, we use games, dance, musik, guided imagery, the inner and outer worlds, poetry, our wits, our wyrd wyld ways (old skool www), individual, paired, and group sharing, masks, props, kostumes, channeling, charakters, and the unknown to help us explore together meaningful life themes.


Less like acting, more like playing, we allow our kreative impulses to come through and manifest shamelessly. We learn techniques that loosen up kreativity, kollaborate, and help us release inhibitions in a supportive way. In other words, no pressure to “perform”; only pleasure to play, making room for all emotions!

Some Klass titles:

  • Life Series: A Journey from BeforeBirth to the Afterlife
  • Planet Earth Series : A Jolly Jaunt From Who You Are to the Kosmos
  • Material World Series: a Fanciful Fantasia from Home to Spirit
  • Society Series: an Exhilarating Excursion from the Individual to Aktions


Robert Wyald, Founder, Guide, Doktor Robert
All Klass Participants


“I cannot recommend Doktor Robert’s Shamanik Improv Klasses highly enough. The klasses have been sheer GENIUS. They are works of art that you can crawl inside of and dream, play, cry, laugh, dance and imagine.” -Rachael K.

“Martha Graham, Shakespeare, Bertolt Brecht, Carl Jung, Virginia Woolf… anybody who’s ever done anything of importance has been doing Shamanik Improv. They didn’t quite know that name. The name needed to be ripening on a tree and finally the fruit is juicy enough for us to actually devour it and know what it is. It is Shamanik Improv that we’ve all been getting these whispers of for millenia.”
-Daniel R.

Photos on this page by Darren Miller.