Shamanik Photoshoot with Alexander Warnow and Robert Wyald
The whales will save the humans.
On the way to work.
Tiger playing the drum to free the platypus.
Everybody meditates differently.
We curved together to ring the bell.
Orangutan below orangutan.
Shadows of our former selves.
How to tune in.
You know, what can you do?


Performance Art, Photography, Art Direction



October 2, 2012 – October 16, 2013



Various in San Francisco & Oakland


Robert had planned on doing regular headshots with Alexander Warnow, but then saw the Cindy Sherman exhibit at the SFMOMA and was inspired to do more. He got his random bits of costumes together, and began the journey into what became a shamanik photo series. Alex and Robert did four photoshoots together with various magical characters emerging, and the photoshoots became the inspiration for the founding of Shamanik Improv Klasses.


Robert Wyald, Art Director, Model
Alexander Warnow, Photographer